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Picture of / about 'Woodlawn Mine' New South Wales - Woodlawn Mine
Woodlawn Mine
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The Woodlawn Mine is located just off the Crisps Creek in southeast New South Wales a distance of about 200km southwest from Sydney (show me). At about 720m above sea level, the Woodlawn Mine is one of the higher mines in New South Wales.

The Woodlawn Mine is (or was) a copper, lead, silver and zinc mine. Do you know what else was or is being mined at the Woodlawn Mine? If you do, why not contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

The nearest populated place is the town of Bungendore which is 25km away with a population of around 1,700 (show me a map with Woodlawn Mine and Bungendore).

The nearest sealed road to Woodlawn Mine is the Braidwood Road (7.5km away).

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contributed by GPecham on 14-Oct-2008 (last modified 14-Oct-2008)
Woodlawn Mine Bioreactor

The Woodlawn mine was zinc, copper, silver and lead mine started in December 1978 and worked until 1998. It operated for its first nine years as an open cut mine, but once the minerals were exhausted the miners commenced underground mining at the bottom of the existing open pit.

The mine is now run by Collex Pty Ltd as a rubbish bioreactor, receiving residual municipal solid waste from the Sydney metropolitan region, via Veolia’s purpose built Clyde Transfer Terminal in Sydney.

It is claimed to be the "largest bioreactor in the world operated on bioreactor principles" and the "first privately owned and operated putrescible waste management system in NSW" (New South Wales)

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contributed by DennisF on 07-Oct-2014 (last modified 30-Oct-2014)
Woodlawn Mine History
Jododex sign Sign dating back to the early 1970s when it was originally located at the Collector Road gate. In the late 1970s the sign was moved to Jododex's Tarago camp. You can just make out BYOG at the bottom (Bring Your Own Grog).

The Woodlawn deposit was discovered in 1969 by Jododex Australia Pty Ltd, a joint venture between two American companies, St. Joseph International (St. Joe Minerals Corp), the largest lead/zinc producer in the USA and Phelps Dodge, a large copper producer.

Woodlawn Mine Woosdlawn Pit after closure looking north. Portal is in the middle of the picture at the end of the haul road.

Mining of the open cut commenced in 1978 with CRA (now Riotinto) becoming the Australian partner in the mining joint venture. The open pit resource was exhausted in 1987 and the mine went underground via a single portal and decline. The Americans withdrew from joint venture and CRA sold the mine to Denehurst Ltd who mined the underground till the closure of the mine in 1998.

Woodlawn Mine Auction crowd during loader auction.

During the life of the mine 13.1Mt of ore was mined at a grade of 9.1% Zn, 3.6% Pb, 1.6% Cu, 74 g/t Ag and 0.5 g/t Au.

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Map of Woodlawn Mine in New South Wales
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