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Little Sandy Desert covers an area of about 11 million hectares and is located in the northwest of Australia. Little Sandy Desert is in Western Australia.

Localities within the Little Sandy Desert include Boodie Boodie Range (highlight), Broadhurst Range (highlight), Calvert Range (highlight), Carnarvon Range (highlight), Christie Crossing (highlight), Connaughton Hills (highlight), Constance Headland (highlight), Cornelia Range (highlight), Dean Hills (highlight), Diebil Hills (highlight), Durba Hills (highlight), Emu Range (highlight), Fame Range (highlight), Fingoon Range (highlight), Giblett Hills (highlight), Gibson Desert (highlight), Harbutt Range (highlight), Horsetrack Range (highlight), Hutton Range (highlight), Jilyili Hills (highlight), Katu Katu Hills (highlight), Kelly Range (highlight), Kelly Range (highlight), Lawrence Hills (highlight), Marymia (highlight), McFadden Range (highlight), McKay Range (highlight), Miles Ridge (highlight), Mungkulu Hills (highlight), Oldham Range (highlight), Oldham Range (highlight), Parnngurr (highlight), Pirkil Bluff (highlight), Poisonbush Range (highlight), Puntawarri (highlight), Robertson Range (highlight), Robertson Range (highlight), Robertson Range (highlight), Runton Ranges (highlight), Russell Headland (highlight), Saltbush Range (highlight), Sir Fowell Headland (highlight), Skates Hills (highlight), Throssell Range (highlight), Trainor Hills (highlight), Ward Hills (highlight), Warri And Yatungka Hills (highlight), Watrara Range (highlight), Wells Range (highlight), Woora Woora Hills (highlight) and Yandagooge Gap (highlight).

Bores and wells within the Little Sandy Desert include Bloodwood Bore (highlight), Bullen Well (highlight), Canning Well (highlight), Canning Well (highlight), Chuley Chuley Well (highlight), Cooma Well (highlight), Gidises Plain Bore (highlight), Gnungathuddinia Well (highlight), Haggerty Bore (highlight), Junction Well (highlight), Katu Katu Well (highlight), Kulonoski East Well (highlight), Kunanaggi Well (highlight), Limestone Bore (highlight), Midway Well (highlight), Millarri Well (highlight), Minnieritchie Bore (highlight), Native Well (highlight), Ngunku Well (highlight), Nimberra Well (highlight), No 12 Well (highlight), No 13 Well (highlight), No 14 Well (highlight), No 15 Well (highlight), No 22 Well (highlight), No 23 Well (highlight), No 39 Government Well (highlight), No. 1 Well (highlight), No. 16 Well (highlight), No. 18 Well (highlight), No. 20 Well (highlight), No. 21 Well (highlight), No. 40 Well (highlight), Sunday Well (highlight), Surprise Well (highlight), Tabimaya Well (highlight), Trainor Bore 8 (highlight), Walugubal Well (highlight) and Wangkabadi Well (highlight).

Towns, villages or cities near Little Sandy Desert include the village of Jigalong (show me), the town of Newman (show me) and the village of Marble Bar (show me).

Are you a keen bird watcher? Have you been bird watching in Little Sandy Desert? What birds have you seen in Little Sandy Desert? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here. As a Bonzle sub-project, we're trying to build Australia's most comprehensive bird location atlas. A big thankyou to all that have contributed and continue to contribute sightings.

Do you know whether any feral animals, insects and weeds have invaded Little Sandy Desert? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

There is one place with pictures in Little Sandy Desert: Yandagooge Gap

If you're interested in Deserts then you may also be interested in Forestry Reserves and Nature Conservation Reserves.

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Map of Little Sandy Desert in Western Australia
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colour of reserves and parksReserves and Parkscolour of native vegetationNative Vegetation
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