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The Syndicate Track (15 January 2015)

contributed by skipper
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100 years or so ago there was a railway to take timber down the escarpment and so onto Bellingen. A syndicate was formed to build and operate the track hence the name. Not much remains of the track now but various bits and pieces can be found by an easy 7km each way walk from the north. If you are fit and foolhardy you can climb the escarpment from the south. From the north you will cross the Killungoodie Plain, one of the last plains of its type still remaining. No facilities at either end of this track.

To get to the northern end of the track head north from Dorrigo towards Coramba, turn right at Slingsbys Road about 5km from Dorrigo and where the road ends the track begins. A map can be obtained from the Rainforest Centre at the main entrance to the park.

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