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It must be spring (September 2017)

contributed by iandsmith
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We'd heard about it somewhere and decided to make the effort. Turns out that it's only open for a few weekends and a few days of the year but it is advertised so you just have to google it.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve There are many wildflowers in the reserve at the right time of year, this is the appropriately named pink wax flower

On the open days there is a shelter there and people with information but little else except toilets at the start.

The walks are through typical Aussie bush as seen in sandstone country and the wildflowers are prolific. Several varieties I had not seen before.

Definitely worth a look around spring if you're into Australian flora and enjoy bushwalking.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve This is the view looking over the Hawkesbury River system at the terminus of the main walk

The view at the turn around point of our walk looking out over the Hawkesbury was a bit special and a good place to plan for a break.

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