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5km walking track open to day visitors and overnight guests

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Mount Misery Tree Ferns

From strolling amongst the majestic ancient tree ferns to our invigorating summit hike the spectacular native forest is just moments from your cabin, tipee or campsite. The track starts at Huon Bush Retreats. Day Visitors are welcome by donation.

Map of walking tracks at Mount Misery

We encourage guests to take the time to explore our range of walks. There are four bushwalking tracks and a labyrinth walk or for other walks in southern Tasmania, visit the Huon Valley Escapes Walks page.

Mount Misery Flat Rock Lookout

Lookout (Very Easy)

3 minutes, wheelchair accessible.

Mount Misery 60 metre tall forest

Just 100 meters from the village loop-road along a level assisted wheelchair track, takes you to a spectacular lookout. Perched on the edge of a deep gully with rainforest and old growth eucalypt forest.

Rainforest Mount Misery

Tall Trees Track and Rainforest (Fairly Easy)

Mount Misery Rainforest

Visit this ancient forest on a 30 minute return loop (an additional 10 minutes to rainforest viewing platform). Tree ferns thrive in the deep shadows under the towering Eucalyptus regnans trees, some of which reach 60 metres tall and are 350 years old.

Learn about how forest recovers from the old selective logging methods that were used in Tasmania until the advent of woodchipping in the 1960s.

The track is 1km long and climbs 50m. It is well constructed and can be undertaken in strong footwear, full walking boots are not necessary. There are some 50 steps that require modest exertion. Most people will take from 30 – 45 minutes to complete the loop, many choose to linger and contemplate the forest longer.

Waterfall Track (easy)

Aboriginal Interpretation at Mount Misery

Hidden FallsThe interpretation panels along this track look at how fire and water are important in Aboriginal culture and how modern human influence has changed the patterns of both. This track travels via a tree fern glade and the Lightning Tree and culminates at a viewing platform overlooking a small waterfall.

Welcome to Country of Mount Misery

Mt Misery Track (Moderate)

From the rainforest viewing platform, a 3/4 hour steep climb up the escarpment cliffs takes you onto the sub-alpine heathland plateau and “Flat Rock”. From here you can enjoy spectacular 360 degree views towards Bruny Island and the Southwest World Heritage Area. From Flat Rock it is a further three quarters of and hour along the plateau to the top of Mt Misery.

This track is well constructed and zig zags through the sometimes steep terrain. Most people with a moderate level of fitness will complete this walk in around 3-4 hours including breaks.

Access to walking tracks is covered by your tariff if you are an overnight guest. For day visitors, we ask for a donation to contribute to maintenance of the tracks and roads.

Labyrinth Walk

Sooth your soul and take a miniature pilgrimage. A labyrinth is a winding, maze-like path. They have been found in many ancient cultures and are seen as sacred spaces. Labyrinths are still used throughout the world as meditative and healing tools. Huon Bush Retreats gives you the opportunity to discover for yourself the possibilities of the labyrinth.

We have installed a series of 32 interpretive panels. The panels “interpret” the area around them including specific items in the view. The central theme focuses on how native plants and animals were the original inhabitants, followed by Aboriginal people. Early Europeans had quite different views of the land and current custodians have different views again. But across these three groups, there is a remarkable amount of similarity in various behaviours.

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