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cape preston WA (October 2009)

contributed by reddog6714
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when i lived in karratha some friends of mine towed an old pop up caravan out to cape preston. this was the early to mid 90's.

we used to use it as much as we could, staying out for as much as week at a time just to get away and do some fishing.

we used to take three and four wheel motorbikes down there on a trailer and leave the four wheel drives there. we would then hook up and old wooden trailer that we used to hide in the bush near the northwest coastal highway and load the old wooden trailer with esky's and fishing gear swags and water etc. then drive the bikes over

three creeks we nicknamed turtle creek, crabpot creek, and woody creek, the caravan was about two meters above the biggest tides of the year and was perfect for fishing when we ran out of meat that we had taken we used to get a feed off mangraove jack fillets and chilli mudcrab though we where never greedy and allways let go a lot more than we ate, it was more fun catching them and releasing them for another day.

it was clean harmless fun and people didnt even know we where there everyone else used to camp at 40 mile just back towards Dampier a litte more. now and again we would see tracks from 4 WD'S where they had tried to follow the tracks of the bikes but they would all come undone when trying to cross the creeks on anything less than extreemly low springs. now and again we would see a tinny that someone had put in at 40 mile but that would be it. our own little peice of paradise peacefull and enjoyable.

then some mongrel stole the axles and wheels from the old wooden trailer. which made it harder for us to get all our gear to the camp but we still used to visit.

Then one wet season cyclone Vance came down the coast and devastated exmouth, disrupted the goldfields and even had an impact in the australian bight. well even though we used to chain the old camper to trees the cyclone picked it up and smashed it to pieces like it was a matchbox.

I still have great memories of catching 3 kilo mangrove jacks and big fat mudcrabs, starlit evenings round the campfire with good friends and a few beers.

life was so much simpler then


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