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How Anne Range got its name (9 October 2016)

contributed by Magma
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I'm sure that Anne Range has a much older Indigenous name that is perhaps better known to local people.

However, many years ago, a friend of mine - Peter G Searle - told me about his early career as an exploration geologist.

In 1958, Peter was part of a BP team mapping the geology of this area near the WA/SA/NT border in Australia. They worked from basic survey maps, but noted that few of the landscape features had been labelled with any (European) names.

So the team applied some names of their own. Mostly it was their own names or that of family members. To their surprise, the later 1965 Rawlinson sheet was updated and republished - and the unnamed features had their new names.

Peter had named one feature, Searle Hills, after himself. In the email about this story, Peter also added: "...Anne got a whole range named after her , it starts about 20 kms from the WA border and East North East of Giles. "

Anne is Peter's beloved wife. She now lives in Sydney. On another occasion, Peter told me that she was the reason he eventually left the exploration game and moved back to NSW , spending the rest of his career in the roads industry, where he could get home most days to be with his new family.

According to his daughter Margaret "We looked up the sites in W.A. as the maps are in a solid tube under his bed! He took delight in finding Searle Hills and was quicker than us at locating Anne's Range. Dad recollected in was 1958 the year before they married."


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(2) Margaret Bramwell (Peter and Anne's daughter), GMail communication to Margaret Sutherland, 09 October 2016.

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