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Mount Hope NSW. Caroline Copper Mine (30 October 2014)

contributed by Sonno36
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In the late sixties I was working in the mining industry and visited Mount Hope NSW on several occasions to see a wonderful old chap called Ben McLernan who was still operating the mine called Caroline Copper Mine. He was a gentleman who knew mining inside out and always had time to impart some knowledge which helped me to understand the industry and reward for effort. A gearbox failure in my vehicle saw me stay at the pub for a couple of nights, no rooms at the inn, so I got to share a lounge in the bar with the publicans dog. The population at that time in the town was about nine people. They were great people and most obliging especially the travelling postman who delivered my spare parts then helped me fit them. I used to visit about three times a year and always looked forward to seeing the locals.

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