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Mining History (12 October 2014)

contributed by DennisF
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Thalanga Mine Aerial view of Thalanga minesite showing current Vomacka Pit, old Central Pit filled in with mine waste, mill, offices, evaporation ponds.

The Thalanga Mine was discovered by Pennaroya Aust Pty Ltd in 1975. THe Central open pit was commenced by Pancontinental Mining in 1989 who went underground to develop East and West Thalanga deposits in 1991. Pancontinental mined the deposit till 1998 in which time at total of 4.7 Mt of ore was processed at a grade of 8.3% Zn, 2.6% Pb and 1.9% Cu.

Thalanga Mine Vomacka Pit at end of pit life

The Thalanga Mill was then converted to only produce copper concentrate from Renison Goldfields Consolidated's Highway Reward Mine from 1999 to 2005, some 100 kms distant.

Thalanga Minesite.   West 45 Portal. Portal looking west. The mine was mainly a zinc producer, with minor lead and silver.

In 2006 Kagara Zinc Limited acquired the Thalanga Mill and surrounding mining leases. The mill then only originally treated copper ore from Kagara's Balcooma deposit, some 1.5 Mt at 3.3% Cu till 2009.

Thalanga Mine Aerial view of Vomacka Pit being dug and old Central Pit being filled with waste.

The mill was converted back to producing copper, lead and zinc concentrates in 2010 to process the ore out of the Vomacka Pit between 2010 and 2012. The pit is reported to have produced 640,000 t of ore at a grade of 1.6% Cu, 1.6% Pb and 5% Zn. Production from the new W45 undetrground zinc mine appears to be minimal.

Total ?resource figures for Thalanga are given as 7.08 Mt at 11.9% Zn, 3.7% Pb, 2.5% Cu, 89 g/t Ag and 0.6 g/t Au.

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