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Scotts Gully (18 August 2014)

contributed by JohnMcGrath
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The correct name of this particular Bimerah Outstation is Scotts Gully.

Our family, the McGrath family, lived there around 1949-1955.

There was a small 2 bedroom cottage, modern by the standards of the day, built right up against an old ramshackle boundary rider's hut which we used as a storage shed for saddlery, stock feed and fencing equipment etc. The hens hatched chicks under this old hut which was built on stumps which were only about a foot off the ground. Cats and dogs also had their litters under it. Big green frogs lived in there as well, and of course, where you have frogs you have snakes and to keep us safe away from the King Browns, Mum used to tell us it was haunted.

There was a big chook run and an outside dunny/lavatory/long drop, a 6 foot hole in the ground with a little structure built over it that contained a seat with a hole in it, much the same as todays toilets. Great place for snakes, spiders and frogs.

Dad planted fruit trees, a grape vine on a trellis and Athol Pine trees which grew fast and tall when we had water. The dam did go dry.

There were 2 earthen dams, the 2nd was built in our time there, which supplied water to the cottage and stock troughs. The original dam had an old steam/boiler operated pump left over from earlier times, for my brother Paul and myself it was a great place to play. A windmill pumped the water to a header tank for the cottage and the 'turkey nest' that supplied the stock troughs. A 'turkey nest' is an open topped metal or concrete tank with dirt piled up around it for added strength and protection from the elements. A great place to cool off and escape the blistering summer heat.

Dad, Jack McGrath, built a set of horse yards a 100 yards west of the cottage. The yards also included a cow bail for milking and a calf pen.

I visited the site in 2005. All that remains of the structures are the stumps. We found the cottage had been moved to Depot Glen and was still in use.

None of the trees in the cottage yard survive but the 2 dams still exist and of course the rubbish dump is still to be seen, even discovered the remains of my pedal car and trike there.

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