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Birds of New South Wales - #4 - Murray River Region

contributed by cougar15
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Birds of New South Wales - #4 - Murray River Region Darter, Howlong Golf Resort, NSW

We have just returned from Howlong Golf Resort where we planned a couple of days of golf and an overdue catch-up with some former work colleagues and their wives.

Whilst we were able to get one round of golf in on our first full day, the next morning saw persistent rainfall. Golf was cancelled and we all headed home.

However, prior to golf on Day 1, I took my camera out for a quick walk around the resort’s clubhouse where I came across a Darter drying its wings in the patchy morning sunshine.

During golf, we saw several hundred Galahs feeding on cockchafer grubs beneath sections of couch fairway.

Birds of New South Wales - #2 - Urunga / Forster-Tuncurry Australian King-Parrot, Bicentennial Flora Park, Tuncurry, NSW

Other species encountered along the way were – Australian Wood Duck, Pacific Black Duck, Australian Raven, Pied Currawong, White-faced Heron, Australian Magpie (race: tibicen), Magpie-lark, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Crested Pigeon, Common Bronzewing, Superb Fairy-wren, House Sparrow and Common Blackbird.

Our motel-style accommodation at the resort was more than adequate and meals in the clubhouse were wholesome and better than average.

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