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Memories of Tamboon (4 October 2009)

contributed by merv5
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I spend many Christmas Holidays in the early 1950,s at Tamboon My Uncle was the Forest Commission Officer at Norinbee near Cann River .The Commission had a hut next to the large sand dune at Tamboon where my family stayed.My father Jack Thomas saved the life of a local lady from drowning i believe her name was a Mrs Mckinnon.

My father and a friend used to go to Cann River for supplies but on one particular occasion they were cut off by bushfires trying to get back toTamboon .My Mother and Sister and I dragged our belongings up the sand hill to escape the fires.I remember my Father going to the landing in the boat to pick up supplies and a visitor who was coming to stay with us, but because the boat was overloaded with supplies and the visitor did not understand the he could not stand up the boat tipped over.They stayed with the boat and were very lucky not to get shot as a local thought they were a couple of shags and took aim with a 303 until his wife realised that they were not birds.

We used to walk along the other side the lake to the wreckage of an Avro Anson Plane that crashed during

W W 2 apparently the crew survived but they were not able to salvage the wreck it remained there for many years.Hope these memories of Tamboon may be of interest

Merv Thomas

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