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Butterfly Gorge (26 November 2010)

contributed by DerrickJessop
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Butterfly Gorge In flood the water gushes over the centre pale rocks. In the wet the river floods to cover the caravan park to a depth of 1m.

A 32Km rough bush track from Douglas Daly Caravan Park leads to about 300m from Butterfly Gorge. A track along the river and around a rock outcrop or a climb up the ridge and a slide down leads to a large clear fresh water pool fed by the gorge that is on the far side. A cleft in the rock is the only evidence of the gorge that lies beyond.

Butterfly Gorge The gorge is 32 Kms up a rough bush track from the Douglas Daly Caravan Park and a 300m climb. It opens out onto this beautiful, clear pool. The entrance to the gorge is on the far side through a slit in the rock face.

I floated my camera across in a plastic container to get a closerlook from the water. In flood the water gushes out from this cleft. Only 4 months prior to my visit the caravan park 32Km downstream was 1m under water.

Butterfly Gorge Access further into the gorge is difficult. The base is very rugged and the sides are precipitous.

From inside the gorge the pool can be seen through a narrow gap in the rock. Despite the leaves accumulating in the water I enjoyed diving in and swimming out through the gap.

Butterfly Gorge This is the view looking out onto the pool from inside the gorge .

Inside the gorge the base was very rugged and I was ill equiped to negotiate it. The sides of the gorge were also precipitous and prevented much of a view of the gorge as it swung around to the left. This was one fascinating place that well deserved a more determined exploration.

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