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Names. (7 March 2012)

contributed by Leonie
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Wollombi Brook Wollombi Brook --The Herbert Street Bridge,  has been vital to the Village of Broke.  
Now in 2011 the old timber Bridge is about to repaced with a concert Bridge.  At the  spot of the new Bridge, I found the old cable of the flying fox used by the early residents of Broke. Sadly Wollombi Brook  does not have the water flow seen in past years, due to drought, over use etc.    We will miss the rattleing in the middle of the night as cars cross over.

Wollombi Brook has the name of the Cockfighter Creek also. This can be found in old government maps dating back as far as 1844 and National Libuary of Australia online 'Trove' search of old newpapers. etc.

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