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cliffy is going there (9 May 2011)

contributed by viking
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15 months into researching mount clifford it looks like I am going there Monday 16May I am on holiday from u k and this is my treat .I am a member of the Clifford Association family history group uk that goes world wide with its newsletter my story will be in the newsletter December issue. I am being taken there on a 4 wd, will be doing the creek as well.I have a sneeky suspician 1 day is not enough I will be staying at Morapoi Station near Kookynie 2 hours from kallgorlie 6 hours from Perth amI nuts or what noI just love WA & the goldfield history oh by the wayI hope to be shown how to pan for gold.Photos & story to follow next week if you guyes a tBonzle want to get in touch e m me on

From John Clifford

(Hoping to find out who was Clifford have found out that King the surveyor named it)

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