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Family links to the area. (14 July 2018)

contributed by IsaNorris
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My great grandfather and great grandmother lived in the Wyandra Bollon Boatman area from 1885 through to 1937. They worked on Fernlee Station, Boatman Station as boundary rider to station manager. William emigrated from Lancashire England and Jessie was a McDonald from Coonabarabran NSW. They had four children Alexander, my grandfather, Katherine, William and Ellen, who died as infants. Alexander went on also to work the same and other properties as a horse breaker. He went on to fight in WWI and 2 days after armistice married my grandmother Elsie Mary Margaret Boyd. After returning to Australia in 1919 they went to work on Boatman Station and in 1931 moved to Roma working for the Post Master General building the telephone network. My father William John Norris never worked in these areas and went to school at Toowoomba Grammar School.

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