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Dales Gorge. (5 January 2011)

contributed by DerrickJessop
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Dales Gorge Water trickles through ferns into Circular Pool.

Dales Gorge is one of the most beautiful and interesting gorges in the Karajini National Park.

Dales Gorge The pool below Fortesque Falls.

The Gorge cuts deep into the Hammersley Range and yet is easy to access and to walk along.

Dales Gorge The upper falls is tranquil and cool fed by a gentle waterfall.

Turning right from the steps down into the gorge at Fortesque Falls leads to the quiet and tranquil 'Fern Pool' where a gentle waterfall drops into a fern fringed pool.

Dales Gorge Above the Fortesque Falls the water gathers in this still pool.

Returning along the track, pass a still reflective pool above the Forteque Falls. The falls cascade down a sloping rock face into a lush green pool and continues on down the gorge. Navigating the falls is easy.

Dales Gorge An unusual layers rock column on the gorge walk.

The path hugs the right hand side of the gorge and passes through an interesting column of layered rocks. It is always fascinating to try to imagine how some of the rock features in Australia were created.

Dales Gorge Dales Gorge continues on below Forteque Falls.

Gordon Falls is a wide rock fault falls, again dropping into a large pool.

Dales Gorge Circular Pool is a great swimming hole.

The most popular pool for swimming is the beautiful Circular Pool. Here the water trickles through ferns into a deep turquoise pool, a wonderful relief after the walk on a hot day.

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