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UELOAK HISTORY (22 June 1917)

contributed by Kevin
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On 24 Aug 1927 Walter Ricketts of Byron Villa at Crossville, some 7 miles east of Cleve, South Australia was granted a perpetual lease on a property consisting of Section no's 92 to 96, 143 to 146 in the Hundred of Mann, County Jervois, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. This property was a complete scrub block consisting of low Mallee, Broombush, some Pine and Sheoak.    

 His son Barry commenced clearing it shortly afterwards to be developed into a wheat and sheep property. His first camp was on the southern end of section 144 on the bank of the Pootinie Creek, known as Curtingee. It was built of mallee posts, straw roof and broombush sides. One half was lined with hessian for living quarters, the other as a tack room. Yards were built behind the shed for horses, also a dam was made by the creek and a hay yard nearby.

 In the 1930's he moved to section 92 on the western end of the property by the Cumbrutla Creek. Here he built a shack of two rooms made of pine posts, cladded with corrugated iron lined with hessian. In later years, it was known as the wash house.

Ueloak Homestead

 In 1933 Walter transferred the lease to his son  Barry on his marriage to Winifred Ada Wingrove. They lived in the shack whilst he built the present homestead of local stone. It consisted of 3 rooms, namely bed, dining, kitchen with a walk in pantry, also a bathroom. Winifred had a love of Oak trees, which she tried to establish, but was not successful. Hence the word UELOAK was derived and became the property name.

 During the ensuing nine years 4 children were born namely Kevin, Maureen, Zena and Walter. In the early 1940's an enclosed verandah was added which included a sleepout(the girls room) and laundry.

 Winifred tutored Kevin Maureen and Zena school by correspondence until she passed away in 1947.

The girls went to live with their grandparents at Byron Villa, Crossville. In the meantime a school bus service had started from Mangalo to the Cleve School. Kevin rode a horse 2 miles to the bus stop until Walter reached school age, then they went by horse & sulky until Kevin left school in 1950 then Walter rode a horse.

 Upon on leaving school the boys helped their father continue clearing the farm, by the 1980's all the arable land had been cleared. On his death in 1986 Barry left the farm to his sons Kevin and Walter who then leased it to Cameron Turner and Neil Wickstein, then to Michael Bammann until 1995, then sold it to Checkspec Pty Ltd(John Allen). In the mid 1990's the property was made freehold. Paul and Craig Briese. also John Foxwell sharefarmed the farm for John Allen until 2011. At the rear of the house John Allen added another room and verandah. In 2011 he sold the farm to Jay and Kara

Schubert who farmed the property for several years, then leased the farm to the present lessee Isaac Gill.

This history was complied by Kevin Ricketts in 2017.

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