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Tragedy at Ightham Station (3 December 1926)

contributed by LaTriviata
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Above links to a lengthy article relating to the death of Victor George Wilkins on Ightham Station on 3 December 1926. Victor was shearing on the property and had friends working with him. However, as the inquiry into his death reveals, he was in chronic pain from WWI service in Egypt, having contracted malaria, and was using alcohol to manage his pain. On the evening of 3 December 1926 he cut his own throat with a razor. Reports about his behaviour at the time could suggest he was delusional from long-term alcohol use. Victor's history is a little unclear. His war service indicates he was born in 1889 but there is no record of his birth in Qld BDM. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters whose births were all recorded. He was born in Rockhampton but his father, a cordial maker, died in 1890 after they moved to Emu Park a couple of years earlier. His mother re-married a well-known identity at Lake's Creek Meatworks, Forbes Strachan, while Victor was still very young, and within a couple of years another sister was born. There is evidence of his living with his mother and stepfather in 1896 when he was about 7 but no records I can find until he joined the electoral rolls presumably at age 21. He married in 1911 and had two children but according to the inquest the marriage failed and at the time of his death they had not lived together for 10 years. Victor is buried in an unmarked grave in Alpha, Qld where his body was taken on the night of his death. Perhaps a war graves marker can be arranged for his burial.

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