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Varrie Success Mine Today Known as Success Mine (1931)

contributed by NoelleenFutcher
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Varrie Success Mine Today Known as Success Mine This windmill is siting on top of the old mine of Varrie Success Mine all so known as Success Mine

Varrie success mine was stared by the Varrie family ,James Bell Varrie, George Varrie, George Washington Varrie and Ethel Varrie.

Varrie Success Mine Today Known as Success Mine The Varrie boys Dodge used for balling of mine read the story on the Varrie Success Mine .
Latter on this year the new owners of the mine will be changing the name of the mine from Success back to the Varrie success Mine, I will be there for the new opening of the mine

This story has been documented

Varrie Success Mine Today Known as Success Mine Please read about the old Dodge that was used at the Varrie Success Mine

Novel Use Of Dodge Car 1931

Many and varied use where to which motor cars are put to these days. One of the latest is that of balling of mine. A dodge car, owned by Mr James Varrie and Mr George Varrie, of Cloncurry. Approximately, 12.00 gallons of water are halled dayly in eight-hour shifts. The shaft is 62 feet deep, and a whip pole is fixed at the collar of the shaft, with a rope running from it. The rope is attached to the car, and to allow the empty bucket to the bottom of the shaft. The car runs back in reverse 62 feet. In order to counterbalance the pull up of the full bucket, the car is loaded with bags. The bucket, which holds 72 gallons of water, is drawn up to the top of the shaft as the car moves forward. On reaching the top, the bucket rests on the edge , of the dodge, and the water tipped out. Three gallons of petrol a day are consumed by the car in halling operations. At the end of the week the bags of high grade ore are packed in the car, and taken to town. Mr G.W Varrie and Mrs E Varrie and their sons doing this trip regularity. The mine, by the way, is one of the richest in the district.


Friday 28 October 1927

Varrie Success Mine

The richest in the district. Recently 23 tons were sold to Lempriere's Ltd and this consignment assayed 4 7 per cent. copper and realieed at 16 pounds 10 shillings a Ton.

An unusual feature about it is that there is no black oxide in the Copper, which carried 17 per cent, of Cobalt, and reveals the existence of this metal in a part of the district in which it hitherto known. It has been found at Mt Cobalt, 90 miles north of Cloncurry.


I Noelleen Granddaughter of James Bell Varrie I can verified that Varrie Success Mine was started and worked by the Varrie family.

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