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Obituary Mr Simon Dixon - Early Pioneer of Avenel (1934)

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Mr Simon Dixon

Buried 3 December 1934

Another of the old pioneers of the district passed away in the person of Mr Simon Dixon, of Mangalore, a resident for over 50 years.

He was the son of the late Christopher and Jane Dixon, nee Armstrong and was born at Canonobie, Dumfreeshire, Scotland, and left his native health, when only two years of age and migrated to Victoria with his parents in 1852. Upon arrival the family took up their abode at Oaklands, the late Mr & Mrs T. Armstrong of that place being Mr Dixon’s grandparents. Later the family moved to Lancefield and Rockford, their mode of transport being by bullock dray. His father carried on farming in these districts, and were among the early potato growers, a product for which these localities are now being noted.

In the hectic mining days the late S. Dixon, with horses and drays, supplied potatoes to the gold diggers as far north as Rushworth, travelling over rough bush tracks. In 1884 he came to Mangalore, living on the Goulburn River for a time on land which is now portion of Whitechurch Brothers property.

In 1899 he married Margaret Craig, who also came from Scotland about the same period. Avenel was then his home for some time, but he ultimately returned to Mangalore, where he resided until his death on Saturday last.

The late Mr Dixon, who was of gentle and kindly disposition was well known and highly respected by a large circle of friends, and was noted for his benevolence. He was always a constant visitor to neighbours in trouble and sickness to render assistance. Up until a few months before his death his bicycle was his chief means of travelling, and a ride to Seymour and back to Mangalore were amongst his weekly routine, a great achievement for a man in his 84th year. He leaves a widow and four sons. One sister survives him, she was born on the ship which brought the family to Victoria, and is now living at Lancefield..

The funeral took place at the Avenel Cemetery on Sunday. The Rev S. J. Hill conducted the burial service and Mr G. Diggle the funeral arrangements.

Courtesy Euroa Gazette

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