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Obituary Mrs Louisa Hollaway (23 August 1939)

contributed by greenfingers
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Avenel Obituary Mr Charles Thomas Gadd


Mrs Louise Myra Hollaway

Avenel A lonely grave oposite the Avenel Pub seemed he drowned in the creek in 1852, Morris Levy, but why was he not buried in the cemetery which ahd just opened.

Buried 28 August 1939

Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 8 of 8 images

Mrs Hollaway of Hume Hwy, Avenel, and a sister of Cr R. Sidebottom, had passed away on Sunday last. The late Mrs Hollaway was the youngest daughter of Samuel and Susan Sidebottom of Avenel, and at the time of her demise was 53 years of age. Although she had not enjoyed the best of health for a two years, her death was unexpected.

Avenel Houses from the past - images on right of picture - long gone

Deceased was held in high esteem by a large circle of friends, her genial and kindly disposition making her a general favourite. In all matters pertaining to the welfare of the town and district she took a leading part, her chief activities being in connection with the Avenel branch of the County Women’s Association of which she was president. She was also a member of the Methodist church choir and the Rechabite Lodge for the greater part of her life, and in addition gave her wholehearted support to every deserving local movement.

Avenel Railway Station from a different angle

Deceased was a native of Avenel. At the age of 21 she married Mr James Hollaway, whom she leaves to mourn her loss together with two sons and one

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