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Flight Lt Oliver George Reed, Killed Training 1944 (1944)

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Airmanís Death

Dated 20 June 1944

Many expressions of very genuine sympathy are being extended to Mr G. Reed and family, who, on Friday, received an official telegram notifying him that his son, Flight Lieutenant O. G. (Ted) Reed was Killed on operational duty on the 8th June 1944. Ted was in New Zealand when war broke out, and immediately entered the Air Force, and later went to Canada under the Empire Training Scheme. He saw service in Iceland, England and Scotland, as the wireless operator on Sutherlandís operating over the North Atlantic waters. Recently he received his commission and was with a New Zealand crew in a Sutherland on Coastal Command. The late airman had 4 years of outstanding and continuous air service, and was one of the few Empire airman to almost complete his second series of operational flights. His is a record that reflects the highest Anzac traditions. Mrs Harrison ( Elsternwick ) and Mrs F. Lewis (Avenel) are sisters, whilst his brother Sgt W. Reed, after being through the Middle East campaign is at present on duty in an Australian Camp. Ted received his early education at Gardenvale school. A short period was also spent at Avenel

Courtesy Euroa Gazette

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