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oldosc (26 June 1960)

contributed by oldosc
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My Name Osc I was a 10 pound pom back in ' 59(must have been a year or two ago).I was a chemical engineer, but My Family had emigrated in 1923 and had some adventure, before the depression got them and they came back to England.

I wanted some of that so I left chemistry behind and went to Queensland, managed to sit on a horse. One trip was with Johnny Nips out of Julia Creek up to Iffley. We brought the last mob (1,752} of cattle to be drove out, as we came to the rail head in Julia we passed the trucks making the route for the bloody road trains that must have been about '61.After a bit I went to the Territory, worked on the Ord river Dam. but met Colin Boyce, the mad ringer, who persuaded me to go on a bit of a trip.We finished up driving a mob through a survey camp, because he hated surveyers, so no going back there then.

About then met Earny Buttercup, got a few days drovin the last drove into the abattoir at Headland..that was the last mob to move on foot because they were putting the ballast down for the road trains

(Pulling the back off the jail in Daily Waters with the Keegan Bros is not part of this story.

Are there still Larricans in the outback, with all the phones motorbikes and Helecopters . sometimes miss em

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