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Longwood Bush Fire - 1965 (1965)

contributed by greenfingers
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Longwood Fires 18 January 1965

by Annie and Vic Young (deceased)

There was a howling North wind that morning, we worked all that day cleaning up the area, my daughter from Canberra and her husband were coming down. It was a typical fire day. We were on a party phone line, there was a fire down at Mypole out of Longwood. We were told there was no need to panic. Vic was in Avenel that morning to play a bowls match. When they came out of church there was smoke every where. Vic went from the bowls to the fire. He and Les Sidebottom came out in the car and told Annie, Pat and John from Canberra were also there, and we came out to Olga Greens. By the time we reached Avenel, everything was just about gone. Mr Carbon was the fire officer in Seymour, but Frank Green wanted to back burn on the railway line, but was refused. Part of Jeffries, Alexanderson’s and ours were burnt.

When we returned, I had a little white calf in the yard, 2 pet lambs, both dead. I was looking for the cows, this little calf had got out of the yard, there was a salt patch at Bellinghm’s, 2 or 3 milking cows were on this bare ground, so they were saved. We cut the fences and let the sheep out on the road but many had to be destroyed. Poor old cocky, I had in a cage died. Until the house was re-built we lived where Bill Weston lived. Next to site of Old Tip now covered in Pine Trees.

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