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Constructing Lake Wilson (1975)

contributed by JohnH
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Gene (Charles) Wilson and his wife Sylvia and three children Jeannie, Charles and Gwen came to Australia from Lutz, Florida in 1961. Gene had dredged lakes in his home town and had a vision to turn floodprone swampland in his new town into a picturesque lake.

He began this project in about 1969 and finished it in about 1980. He used a home made dredge, front end loader, shovels, trucks and scoops to move many cubic metres of mud and silt.

In the early 1980s he and his wife sold the lake and most of the surrounding land to the council for parkland. The Wison family retained some land on a peninsular (Hillview Road) and built their new house there.

They lived there until 2006 when they moved to Maleny to be closer to their family.

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