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Visit to Clutterbuck Hils (14 June 2013)

contributed by ChrisHouwing
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My husband Jack and I flew into the Airstrip at Patjarr near the Clutterbuck Hills and spent three lovely days there with the local aboriginal people somewhere around year 2000. An old retired priest looked after them and Pulpurra Davies was our guide. We roamed the deserts with them (there were no roads) in the only vehicle called the rainbow truck. They showed us how they hunted, where all there water holes were. We purchased some of there paintings. Sometimes we asked the most rediculous questions.

Once we asked why they didn't sleep near the waterhole and were told there were too many mozzies there. Silly us. Pulpurra told us dreamtime stories and we were never sure if they happened last week or 500 years ago. One day while out hunting we had driven about 20 miles out into the desert. i thought we were reasonable bushies but then Pupurra asked Jack to collect water from the billabong and we had no idea it was there only about 20 yards away. Jodie our interpereter got into trouble for collecting the wrong branches off the tree. (Wrong tablecloth she whispered under her breath). We have lots of photoes and good memories of our trip. ome day when I have mre time I will put some of them up here Chris

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