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Picture relating to Blackall - titled 'Street procession in Blackall, Queensland, 1945'
Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'Crowd of mostly women farewelling American soldiers leaving on the Matsonia (ship) from Brett's Wharf on 25 October, 1945'
Picture relating to Mount Tamborine - titled 'Eagle Heights Hotel at Mount Tamborine, 1945'
Picture relating to Caloundra - titled 'King's Beach, Caloundra, 1945'
Picture relating to Biloela - titled 'Army duck in Kariboe Street, Biloela during the Second World War, ca. 1945'
Picture relating to Childers - titled 'Calder children in Childers, 1945'
Picture relating to Goomeri - titled 'Aerial view of Goomeri, ca. 1945'
Picture relating to Morven - titled 'Jill Burns and her horse at Ularunda Station, Morven, 1945'
Picture relating to Townsville - titled 'Railway model erected for the Victory Celebrations, Townsville, ca. 1945'
Picture relating to Queenscliff - titled 'Blessing of seas and fishing fleet by Archbishop Halse at Queenscliff, December 1945'
Picture relating to Thursday Island - titled 'Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion, 1945'
Picture relating to Thursday Island - titled 'Naval officers on Thursday Island, 1945'
Picture relating to Winton - titled 'Certificate of Women's Emergency League, ca. 1945'
Picture relating to Duaringa - titled 'Horseracing at Duaringa, ca. 1945'
Picture relating to Ogmore - titled 'Brown Pet and his jockey at Ogmore racetrack, ca. 1945'
Picture relating to Dimbulah - titled 'Newly constructed stucco clad dwelling, Dimbulah, North Queensland, ca. 1945'

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Street procession in Blackall, Queensland, 1945

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1945
(contact QldPics about this picture)

Procession of cars driving and people walking down the street in Blackall, Queensland to Celebrate V. P. Day in 1945.

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