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Picture relating to Lake Burley Griffin - titled 'Scrivener Dam - infra-red panorama'
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Picture relating to Bald Rock - titled 'Bald Rock'

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    Scrivener Dam - infra-red panorama

    contributed by GPecham, taken in 2002
    (contact GPecham about this picture | see 563 more pictures from GPecham - open in new window)

    The dam wall for Lake Burley Griffin is called Scrivener Dam. The use of infra-red really highlights the differences in the foreground foliage and gives a nice depth to the Mount Tidbinbilla in the background.

    Bonzle has pictures of Lake Burley Griffin spanning 12 years taken from 2000 to 2012:

    This picture is part of the Bonzle Panoramas (open in new window) photo collection.

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